Thursday, 30 July 2009

Membership fees 2009/2010

A gentle reminder for any members reading this that membership fees for the forthcoming year are payable from 1st September onwards.


Horus Egyptology Society.

Events Diary for 2009/2010

The list of events for the forthcoming year are as follows:


24th September:

John Johnson - Belzoni - Strong Man Egyptologist

26th November:

Professor Ken Kitchen - Rameses II Traditionalist and Innovator


21st January:

Rosalind Janssen - The Golden Boy - John Pendlebury at Wigan and Amarna

25th March:

Joyce Tyldesley
- Queens and Conspiracies

27th May:

Lucia Gahlin - Creation Mythology of Ancient Egypt

29th July:

Dr Joann Fletcher - Pre-Dynastic Egypt