Thursday, 30 July 2009

Membership fees 2009/2010

A gentle reminder for any members reading this that membership fees for the forthcoming year are payable from 1st September onwards.


Horus Egyptology Society.

Events Diary for 2009/2010

The list of events for the forthcoming year are as follows:


24th September:

John Johnson - Belzoni - Strong Man Egyptologist

26th November:

Professor Ken Kitchen - Rameses II Traditionalist and Innovator


21st January:

Rosalind Janssen - The Golden Boy - John Pendlebury at Wigan and Amarna

25th March:

Joyce Tyldesley
- Queens and Conspiracies

27th May:

Lucia Gahlin - Creation Mythology of Ancient Egypt

29th July:

Dr Joann Fletcher - Pre-Dynastic Egypt

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Horus Facebook Group Created

For those members who are on Facebook there's now a group created especially for you.

News updates will include details of forthcoming events as and when they become available.

Feel free to start a discussion or post any links you think might be of interest to other members.

Membership is open to all at the moment so to join simply click the logo below...

Martin Kershaw

Horus Web Bloke.